WinGamer App: Free Google Play Gift Card Earning App


Hello friends how are you all, hope you all are doing well. First of all a warm welcome to all of you on our Tricks Hoster blog. In today’s blog we are going to talk about from which side you can get free diamonds inside the free fire game. As friends, all of you know that free fire diamonds are always very expensive and there will be many such people who are students and they do not have any money so that they cannot buy diamonds. So today I have come with the solution of this problem. Today I will tell you about an application by which you will be able to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

As you all know, there are many such applications in the market where everyone can get free diamonds but it is very difficult to work there. You guys don’t need to panic at all. Today I will tell the application, from there you can easily get free diamonds in free fire. There will be only one request from all of you, complete this article or else after that you will know everything about the application.

About Application

App Name WinGamer
Ratings 4.3
Downloads 100K+
Redeem Options Paytm Cash, Free Fire Diamond, Google Play Gift Card

WinGamer App: This application is the best application from where you can easily get diamonds in free fire, that is if you don’t have to work too hard. In this application, you will get many small offers which have to be completed and only after completing them you can get free diamonds in free fire. There are many more features in this application, which you will get to see below.


How To Sign Up In This App?

Signing up in this application is very easy, first of all you have to open the application to sign up, after opening there you will get the option of Sign Up from Google by clicking on that option any Google With the account you can sign up very easily. After signing up with Google, you will be asked for your Paytm number, then you people do not enter the Paytm number, along with this you will also be asked for the referral code, you will also enter the referral code which you will get to see below.

How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

So now it comes to how you guys will get diamonds for free from this application, so who will not have to say much in this application to get diamonds for free, you will get a lot of tasks on the bus or those which have to be completed instead of completing the task. Only you or all of you will get diamonds for free.

How To Withdraw Paytm Cash?

The most important thing about this application is that you get instant payment from the applications. As soon as your 100 Coin is completed in the application, you can withdraw your Paytm cash very easily. In this application you will get ₹ 1 in 100 Coins. And the Maximum Redeem in this application is only and only ₹ 100. So people can easily apply Withdraw here.


How To Download This App?

The process of downloading the application is very easy, below you will get the option of Go To Download Page, click on it, after clicking it will redirect you to another page, there you have to wait for 15 seconds, waiting for 15 seconds After clicking the download option will appear in front of you, after clicking you can download the application directly from the Play Store.

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