Top 6 Best Health Insurance Plans In India


What is Health Insurance?

Good health means being in a state of mental, physical and social well-being but not just the absence of illness. It is possible to get health insurance if you live a healthy lifestyle. But getting a complete health insurance may be denied to your loved ones by getting certain illnesses. Some medical emergencies are difficult to predict or prevent.
However, we can account for a variety of health insurance plans based on customer needs.
Health insurance schemes cover medical expenses incurred due to illness, accidents and cover a wide range of treatments or surgeries to restore good health. In short, health insurance programs help alleviate fear, simplify quality care, provide timely interventions to those affected and allow them to focus more on recovery.

Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

Star Health Insurance offers various health insurance plans to meet customer`s needs and provides hassle-free in-house claim settlement. With our health insurance plans, you can benefit from:

  • Cashless Facility
  • Tax Exemptions
  • Value-Added Services
  • Enduring Trust
  • Customer Centric
Cashless Facility from Network Hospitals: Speed is the essence when treating the ailing. The cashless facility supported by our health insurance plans across India is the need of the hour. Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Ltd., processes more than 90% of hospitalization related to mediclaim health insurance claims within 2 hours under the cashless facility and 88% of claims get settled within 7 days on submission of complete documents under reimbursement.
Tax Exemptions: Under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act 1961-2021, an income taxpayer can avail tax exemptions on premium paid towards medical health insurance policies. The taxpayer can avail tax exemptions for premiums paid towards self, spouse, dependant children and parents.

Value-Added Services: Star Health Insurance Company provides value-added benefits like e-Medical Opinion, Telemedicine Services, Wellness Programs and rewards (which can be converted to premium discounts on renewals) and many more as value-added services. Star Health Insurance Company justifies being the Health Insurance Specialist.
Enduring Trust: Star Health Insurance, being the Health Insurance Specialist upholds the customer values and helps them at times of hospitalization or daycare procedures for medical emergencies.
Customer Centric: Star Health continues to provide convenient digital platforms and communication channels that are accessible and reachable to customers. We aim to meet our customers at the right time, in the right way, with the right care in a way that brings value to our customer’s delight.

Mediclaim Health Insurance Policies

Health Insurance Plans provide Comprehensive Coverage

Star Health mediclaim health insurance policies will cover all 24-hour in-patient hospitalizations due to illness, accidents and daycare treatments/procedures. All related pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are also payable up to the specified days mentioned in the policy clause.

Health Insurance Plans provide more Flexibility

Star Health Insurance plans provide more flexible benefits when the policyholder goes through certain hardships. For instance when the sum insured gets exhausted, additional coverage is provided without any extra premium. This is where benefits like Automatic Restoration of basic sum insured, Super Restoration of basic sum insured and Road Traffic Accident (RTA) on the sum insured comes into place.
Note: These flexible benefits are product/policy specific. Please refer to the policy clause to know more.

Health Insurance Plans Allow Additional Disease-Specific Coverage

With Star Health, the insured can avail of disease-specific policies for critical illnesses, cancer and cardiac ailments along with in-patient hospitalization as a general mediclaim health insurance policy. We have a wide range of mediclaim health insurance policies to choose like Star Criticare Plus Policy, Cardiac Care Platinum Insurance Policy, Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy and Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy.

Health Insurance Plans Cover non-Hospitalization Expenses

The insured can avail of non-hospitalization expenses covered with most of our mediclaim health insurance policies. Those include pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, annual health check-ups, out-patient care treatments, diagnostics, consultations, etc.

Here are our health insurance plans:

  • Super Surplus Top-Up Health Insurance Plan(Gold Plan)
    During the pandemic, even the best coverage is not sufficient. The Super Surplus Health Insurance Plan is a top-up plan that will cover medical costs, over and above a threshold limit. The plan is designed to cover exorbitant medical expenses with affordable premiums up to 1 crore sum insured. The Super Surplus Top-Up plan is available both on an individual and floater basis that can cover your family too.

  • Cardiac Care Platinum Health Insurance Plan
    Your heart needs all the extra care and timely protection. Cardiac Care is a unique health insurance plan that helps individuals from the age of 7 to 70 years, diagnosed with a cardiac ailment or undergone a cardiac surgical intervention.
  • Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Plan
    Star Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance is an ideal health insurance policy for older people in their 60s and 75s. The policy comes with a lifelong rehabilitation option, which includes various procedures / treatments, existing diseases, modern therapies and important medical interventions that may be needed in the elderly. The USP of this program is that, in choosing options included in insurance amounting to 15 lakhs or more, a minimum payment of 30%.
    Give back your parent’s unconditional support and the love he or she has for you. Ensure that parents receive appropriate protection and care during their old age by providing them with a Senior Citizen Red Carpet Policy and obtain tax exemption under section 80D.

  • Family Health Optima (Floater) Health Insurance Plan
    Providing for the family can be a financial challenge. Therefore, a very economical policy of keeping costs low but covering the whole family may be your choice. The FHO (Floater) Health Insurance Plan has the right amount for you to deal with the most challenging health problems of all family members, even the very young. Protect your baby from the beginning of the 16th birthday from any medical problems that cover the cost of hospitalized coverage.
    The program comes with a range of USPs such as Automatic Restoration of 300% of the insured amount, rehabilitation of the deceased, sympathy travel, home emergency evacuation, organ donation costs, rehabilitation benefit, total road insurance insurance, assisted reproductive treatment and more . .
  • Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Plan
    Arogya Sanjeevani means eternal life, something we want for ourselves and for everyone around us. This IRDAI-approved health insurance program allows for advanced access to health insurance that includes you, your spouse, dependent children and parents up to the age of 65, with a lifetime option.
    If buying affordable basic health insurance is on your wish list, the Arogya Sanjeevani Policy is a good choice for rural people who offer a 20% discount. Maintain strong family ties to illness and health by investing up to 10 lakhs of inpatients, day care procedures, COVID-19 treatment, AYUSH treatment and more.

  • Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Plan
    Diabetes is one of the most common diseases with a population of 50.9 million, making India the second most affected country in the world, the Diabetes Foundation of India said in a recent study. Stable health, tobacco use, unhealthy eating habits are the main causes of diabetes, according to the WHO.
    Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance Plans provide regular hospital stay protection for a patient due to illness / accidents and type 2 diabetes. This is a special program designed for people with a history of diabetes. This program covers the problems of diabetes and all other illnesses that require 24 hours of hospital and individual hospitalization.


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