Earn money from Instagram – How to make money from Instagram


Today’s post is very interesting because in that post i am going to tell you you how to earn money from Instagram in very less followers called this method work from all peoples who interested in earn money through Instagram By promoting companies products From helping Tag Mango App Because daily millions of people search on the internet how to earn money by social platform like Facebook, Instagram and twitter but maximum of apps/websites are fake but Tag Mango app is real and this app helping in money earning from Instagram and its specially for students because every student want to earn money by self. So i will try to explain everything about that topic.


So basically our earning from Instagram by helping/using Tag Mango App. Tag Mango App that give opportunity to earn money called real cash by promoting companies product to our Instagram. In tag mango app many companies are added like Meesho, Raw Pressery, Redesyn, iQuanta, Bounce, Groww etc. So these companies higher Instagram users for promoting products So in this app we do work like a influencer and earn money.


(1) Go on dashboard of Tag Mango app then you will see many companies that give sponsorship then click anyone.

(2) And see the company requirements and terms/condition Carefully.

(3) When you have 500 Followers in your Instagram account then you we eligible for paid review of companies products.

(4) Then simply click on Apply button and put your Instagram user name and tap on submit button.

(5) And Then your form is in processing called pending.

(6) When your form approved/reject/pending you will see when you click down left side button.

(7) When time your form approved then see company instructions and do company work successfully called post products photos and details/links in your Instagram Account within 3 days of approval by following terms and condition of company then your money credited in your Tag Mango App Wallet.




Click on right down right side called profile section then you will see general, social and wallet option. Then click on wallet option here you can see your total balance and withdrawable balance when your balance in show in withdrawable amount then you will eligible for withdraw/redeem. Withdraw your money in full verified called full KYC compledted PAYTM Wallet. Withdraw will be completed within 48 Hours.

MY PERSONAL OPINION ABOUT TAG MANGO APP: So according to my thinking this app is legit and genuine because in that app many trusted companies added for promoting our business Product like Meesho,Raw Pressery, Redesyn, iQuanta, Bounce, Groww etc. So my recommandation you will use this app for money earning through your Instagram account. it’s very interesting thing.

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