Coin Bazar App ! How to earn google gift cards, PayPal Cash, Amazon Gift Cards etc. By doing easy work.


Welcome my dear viewers. Every day millions of smartphones users search on the internet how to earn google gift cards, Paypal cash, amazon gift cards, Paytm cash and Free fire diamond by using the app and doing work on smartphones but maximum of apps are fake which you find from anywhere they did not get the payment. But today in this article I am going to show you a very interesting earning app called Coin Bazar that gives Real Money By doing surveys, completing offers, playing spin games, reading news and referring your friends, etc. So I will share full details of this app called Coin Bazar to all of you how to earn and how to redeem. So I request to all of you please read this article carefully.


So first of all guys download the app by giving a link then open the app and create your account by using your email id and phone number and make sure to put my referral code for a signup bonus. And Once your account is created then you will see so many options on the dashboard of the app like Daily Check-In, Spin & Win, Visit & Earn, Redeem Coins, Refer & Earn, Transactions, How to use And More Offer. So how all functions work I will explain step by step. So please keep reading.

First of all, I will explain how daily check-in options work for earning. So basically daily check-in is a way to collect coins every day one time. So when you will open the app then first click on the daily check-in button and collect your coins.

And our second way to earn coins is Spin & Win. It’s very interesting because when will click on this section called spin & win then you have a chance to play a game and in that case, you will collect so many coins unlimited times.

So the third method for earning is complete offers and it’s available on the home page. So basically in this section, you will see so many gaming applications when you will install any of them and play a game by following all the terms & conditions of the company then you will earn so many coins called real cash unlimited times.

Our fourth way to earn more coins is the More Offer section. So basically in this option when you will visit then, you will see so many surveys. So basically surveys called our personal opinion regarding any question. When you will do the surveys by following all the terms & conditions of the company then you will so many coins unlimited times.

So our fifth method which is also for self earning is visiting & earn. So basically in this option, you will visit called spend some seconds then you will earn unlimited coins.

And our sixth and last method for self earning is News. When you go on this section then you will see so many news according to your interest then you will read any one of them then you will earn coins unlimited times.


In Coin, Bazar app refers and earns a program is very fantastic when you will use this method then I am 100% sure you will earn a huge income because when you will refer your friends then you will earn 10000 coins every successful refer but some terms & conditions on referral program what is that I will explain.

1. Get 1000 coins when your friend completes an offer.

2. Get 2500 coins when your friend makes the first redeemed.

3. Get 6500 coins when your friend uses the app for 30 days.


So finally I am going to explain how to redeem coins And how many methods available for redeeming. So basically in this app called coin Bazar, there are totally six methods available for withdrawal. The first one is Paytm when you have 4000 coins = 40 INR Then you will eligible for redeeming And second is PayPal when 8000 coins = 1 USD Then you will eligible for redeeming in PayPal wallet.

The third And fourth method for redeem is Amazon Gift Card And Google play gift card. When you have 10000 coins = 1.5 USD then you will eligible to Get Amazon Gift Card Code And Google play gift card code.

And the fifth And Sixth method for redeeming is UPI And Free Fire Diamond When you have 5000 coins = 45 INR then you will eligible for redeeming through UPI AND It’s only for Indian users. And when you have 6000 coins = 100 diamonds then you will eligible to get free diamonds in your free fire account. And our redeem completed within 24 hours after withdrawal.


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MY PERSONAL OPINION ABOUT COIN BAZAR APP: So according to my thinking Coin Bazar App is legit and it pays money when the time we redeem Because of Already so much application of this company is working and paying MGamer.

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