Hello, my viewers. It’s an awesome opportunity for you all to earn BITCOIN AND PAYPAL MONEY Easily by doing simple tasks by reading this article carefully. So today I am going to show you new and very legit earning Applications called BLOCK SPACE that gives the opportunity to make real cash every day by playing the spin game, opening a box and inviting friends, etc. And then you will easily cash out your income in BITCOIN WALLET AND PAYPAL WALLET. I will try to explain every step that used for earning in this app called BLOCK SPACE. So please read this article carefully then I am sure you will make a huge income from this app.


[1] So, first of all, download the app by the link from the play store.

[2] And open the app and then you will two options first one is signed in with facebook and the second is sign in by google.

[3] And then click sign in with Google button and then your all email open and choose one of them. Then will go to the next page.

[4]Then you will put your email address one more time for verification and click on the send button.

[5] And check your email box spam folder and note the verification code and then back in-app and put the code and click on the submit button. And then your signup process over and your account created successfully.


⚫After your signup process complete then click on earn option which available on the down bottom side. And then you will see invite friends option and then click on it and then see deeply on the top right side and click on enter code button and put my referral code for Bonus. And then you are eligible for earning in this app.

After putting my code then press the back button then you will see many earning options like a candy box, invite friends, special offers, free spin, lucky scratch and watch videos, etc.

[1] Click on the candy box and then click on the open button then you will get some BEE Tokens According to your luck But in this method, you have limited attempts to open the box and earn BEE Tokens.

[2] And the second way to earn is to invite friends. When you will refer your any friends successfully then you will get 50 BEE Tokens every time. It’s also a good way of earning. There is no limit for earning by referring to this app called BLOCK SPACE.

[3] The third way of earning is special offers. When you click on it then you will see many apps When you will download any app and run then you will get Free BEE Tokens.

[4] And the fourth step for earning is also very awesome and attractive because it’s called spin and wins. Click the free spin button and then click earn option then spin circle round – round and in that, you will get some BEE Tokens according to your luck every time when you will play the spin game.

[5] And our fifth method which used for earning is lucky scratch. And it’s also a very good method for earning because when you will scratch the cards then you will get Free BEE Tokens every time.

[6] And our sixth method for earning is watch videos. When you click on it and watch short ad’s then you will get some BEE Tokens every time.

[7] Finally, it’s our last method which I will be used for income it’s called Flapper Bird. Actually it’s a game when you will play then you will earn ore every day.



This app called BLOCK SPACE Gives payment Bitcoin And PAYPAL WALLET. When you have enough BEE Tokens for redeeming then click Asset Button and then you will see BEE Tokens Then click on it and then you will see many options  Like Cash Out And Exchange etc. So as an example are interested to redeem you your money in BITCOIN WALLET Then click on the exchange button then convert your bee tokens into BITCOIN Within minutes and then press the back button and then click on BTC And click on the withdrawal button and then redeem your income easily in BITCOIN WALLET. But some users interested to redeem the money in PAYPAL WALLET So in that condition, you will click on BEE Tokens and tap the cashout button then put your PAYPAL Email two times and click cashout button and then your money withdraw. And your Payment Received within 5 Working Days.



MY PERSONAL OPINION ABOUT BLOCK SPACE APP: So according to my thinking Block Space App is legit and it pays money when the time we redeem Because many youtube creators make the video of this app.

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