Magilchi 97 FF’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, monthly income,




Content producers all over the world have benefited from the success of game-related videos in a variety of languages, including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi, thanks to the popularity of Free Fire MAX in India. A new YouTuber who makes Tamil-language videos is called Magilchi 97 FF. More than 415k people subscribe to his channel, and that number has been rising recently.

Magilchi 97 FF's Free Fire MAX ID, stats, K/D ratio, and other details

The Free Fire MAX ID for Magilchi 97 FF is 104299251. He advanced past the Masters in the CS-Ranked Season 17 and reached Grandmaster tier in the BR-Ranked Season 32. The author of the content belongs to the KPS Gamers guild, ID 66677717. These are the stats for Magilchi 97 FF in Free Fire MAX:.

In nine solo-ranked matches this Free Fire MAX season, the internet sensation has defeated the opposition just once, for an 11 point 11 percent win rate on average. He has a K/D ratio of 5 points and 42 eliminations. The duo game that Magilchi 97 FF played also resulted in nine kills for a K/D ratio of nine. He hasn't actually won in that mode yet, though.

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