How to get free Jock Shock Bundle from Chroma Cards event in Free Fire MAX




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Events based on Chroma Futura have officially started in Free Fire MAX, and they're a great way to get in-game freebies. One of the most recent additions to the battle royale game, "Chroma Cards," has the entire community talking.

The Jock Shock Bundle, a limited-edition costume bundle that is only available as part of the Chroma Cards event, is the main driver of all the hype. To obtain an incredible outfit that will improve the visual appeal of male in-game characters, interested users can easily meet the requirements set forth by the developers.

A motorbike skin and a backpack skin are just a couple of the additional items that are available as part of the event in addition to this bundle. Below are more details about the Chroma Cards event for readers.

Free Fire MAX guide: Get a free Jock Shock Bundle (Chroma Cards event)

Beginning on February 24th, 2023, and lasting through March 10th, 2023, in Free Fire MAX, is the Chroma Cards event. Players simply need to gather a predetermined quantity of the following cards: Green Avatar, Blue Banner, Purple Motorbike, Pink Backpack, and Red Bundle.


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