50 best pet names in Free Fire (March 2023)




One of the many intricate components of Free Fire are the pets because they have special abilities that improve the gameplay as a whole. Over 25 of these are included in the game, offering a wide range of options to accommodate different playing preferences. These companions also offer a ton of customizable features, such as action and skin, which are typically purchased from the store.

Even the pet's name can be changed according to your preferences, and this text can use a variety of fonts and symbols. The article's remaining sections include a list of the ideal pet names for 2023 as well as instructions on how to change them.

You can come up with names other than the ones mentioned above. The name can only contain 12 characters, including symbols, due to limitations set by Garena. Additionally, you are urged to refrain from using curse words or other forbidden words when thinking of a new name.

Steps to change pet name in Free Fire :

The cost to rename the animal is nominal. You must therefore pay diamonds for any change. Follow the instructions provided below to change your pet's name in Free Fire. 

In Free Fire, select the corresponding item from the menu on the left to access the pet section.

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