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About Candy Crush : 

The game is easy to learn and play, but challenging to master. Players can take on the saga themselves, or they can connect with Facebook users to play against others to test their skills and see who can top the board. Candy Crush Saga is suitable and playable for children as young as five years old, although it may be difficult for them to get past some of the deeper and more advanced levels of the game.

Making matches of three or more different candy pieces of the same color in Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game. When a match is made, the candy piece disappears, causing the adjacent pieces of candy to fall into the empty spaces. Players can swap candy pieces either horizontally or vertically.

In the delightfully sweet Candy Kingdom, Candy Crush Saga is set. Here, we meet Mr. Toffee, a candy vendor in Candy Town who serves as our very knowledgeable tour guide. One enchanted day in Candy Town, Mr. Dot Toffee opens his candy store to discover a small bag of candies at his door. He was overjoyed to discover a tiny package of Tiffi candies in the bag.

Tiffi is a kindhearted young woman who lives in Candy Town with many friends, but she longs to travel to the intriguing kingdom. He embarks on a journey to learn more about the candy kingdom with the help of his best friend Yeti and under the watchful eye of Mr. Toffee.

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