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About Bubble Shooter : 

Bubbles should be fired at the rows above the shooter. To eliminate a group of bubbles from the pile, match three or more of the same kind. The upcoming bubble is visible in the bottom right. 
Your score is determined by how many bubbles you pop and how quickly you can strike a match. The rows will come closer to you if you repeatedly miss hitting a combo.

When all of the bubbles have been shot, the game Bubble Shooter is over. You receive a high score in the game that you can always try to beat!

You shouldn't even consider playing Bubble Shooter Pro if you have something urgent to attend to. You'll lose track of time for hours thanks to the intensely addictive gameplay. To earn as many points as you can, your objective is to remove every bubble from the board. To remove bubbles, match two or more of the same-colored bubbles with the ball's color.

You receive more points for each bubble you successfully pop in a single shot. You receive a foul if you don't blow bubbles, and after several fouls, a new line of bubbles rises to the top. Play Bubble Shooter Pro right away to play the best bubble shooter game for free!. 

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