How to get free Panda pet in Free Fire this month (January 2022)

  You have to Complete 6 Quiz  


The She Plays Free Fire schedule spills were given by a couple of information diggers, days before the update, and every one of them ended up being right. With the authority arrival of the mission's schedule, Garena has affirmed that the occasions will be accessible beginning the 22 January and going through 1 February.

Secrets for most occasions have been added, and players are very much aware of the prizes they will actually want to guarantee before long. As a component of the Play Time Reward, the engineers are offering clients the chance to get a super durable Detective Panda pet. 

Steps to get free Detective Panda :

The occasion will be accessible during the last few days of this current month, i.e., 29 and 30 January 2022. As inferred by the name, players will simply need to play the game inside the specified time span to pack the prizes, with the most extreme term set at an hours. 

Any pet in Free Fire costs 699 precious stones, 100 jewels more than the most costly characters. Also, playing the game for 30 minutes more than two days is certainly not a troublesome assignment using any and all means, and gamers should jump all over this open door given by the designers.

Steps to get the rewards :

Clients will initially have to play the game for 30 minutes while the occasion is in progress, and afterward follow these means:

Stage 1: Access the She Plays Free Fire segment in occasions inside the game.

Stage 2: Select Play Time Reward and click on the Claim button next to the corresponding items.

Detective Panda pet in Free Fire Criminal investigator Panda has an ability called Panda's Blessings, which renews HP on each frag. At first, players get back 4 HP for each kill, which is set at 10 HP at the greatest level.

It can frame a decent combo with characters like Jota, as clients should complete the adversaries to get 10 additional HP.


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